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Talking Clock - Service

The Talking Clock runs as a service on the Windows 2000 and XP platforms.  As a service the Talking Clock will run regardless of which user is logged in or if a user is logged in.  The benefits of using this service far greater security and not having to have a dedicated computer to run Talking Clock.  Resources required this program are minimal and therefore the computer may be shared with other applications.

The user may select weather the Talking Clock will speak the time in the 12 or 24-hour formats.  In addition the Talking Clock will speak on the hour, on the half-hour, on the quarter hour, on the minute for every 10 seconds as selected by the user.  The user has the ability to select one of three statements to be spoken by the Talking Clock before the time as actually said:

  • "GMT minus 8 time is " or "GMT is plus 2 time is"

  • "Pacific Standard time is" or "Pacific Daylight time is"

  • Custom statement - up to 32 characters may be entered

Samples of the Talking Clock speaking:







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